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November 16, 2013 3:34 PM
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Appalachian Society Position Statements

North Carolina Division Policy Decisions

South Carolina Division Position Statements

Virginia Division Position Statements

  • Draft position statement entitled Forest Management and Water Quality. This position was assembled by a group made up of industry, academic, state, and private sector foresters, with the intent of expressing the professional perspective of the SAF. Our goal is to have this position reviewed by the membership, and adopted for use in Virginia should the need arise. It is our belief that having a position on record prior to an issue becoming a political hot potato is a superior strategy to reacting to issues after they arise. I encourage Virginia members to take the time to review the position and to comment directly to your chapter chairs. Both positive and negative feedback are useful.
  • Position on Private Property Rights


    The preservation of private property rights is critical in maintaining the productivity and health of Virginia's forest lands. Strong market environments, in conjunction with government programs that promote the conservation of Virginia's forest land base, will ensure that private forest landowners continue to generate income from their property while providing the Commonwealth with clean water and air, forest products, wildlife and recreation opportunities, and aesthetic benefits.